Over a million trees planted

Join us in combatting deforestation.

We're pretty serious about reforestation.

We annually plant more trees than we harvest, establishing a replenishing cycle that provides both environmental and economic benefits. Not only are we capturing carbon through the trees grown in our reforested lands, but the carbon continues to be captured in the wood from our products. 

What it takes to combat deforestation.

In Nicaragua, as well as many other agricultural countries, cattle farming is a primary source of income for many families. This leads to the clear-cutting of land that used to be forest to provide pasture for cattle. Often times, the pasture fails in the short-term and more forest land needs to be cleared out, creating a domino effect of deforestation.

Adding economic value to the forest.

Bringing the forest back to life not only has a positive impact on the environment, but it also has a great impact on the economy. After all, managing a forest takes hard work and knowhow, so we continuously provide hundreds of jobs to people from the surrounding communities.

A sustainably managed forest is forever.

Masaya Co is committed to reforesting these lands with tropical hardwood species. Each time we convert a cow pasture to a plantation we sequester carbon, improve water quality, restore the soil, reduce erosion, restore the habitat for native species, and create new jobs.  Our commitment: maintaining these forests for ages to come.