Crafted with purpose.

A team of makers, working together to make a difference.

A modern spin on ancient tradition.

We draw inspiration from ancient weaving and woodworking techniques to create our unique pieces. 

United by a cause.

Currently, we are a team of 350 local artisans, working together bring ideas and ideals to life. The result? Sustainably made designer pieces that are wondrously one-of-a-kind.

Discovering beauty in the slow.

In a world filled with overconsumption, mass production, and getting quick results, we take pride in crafting each of our pieces by hand, with meticulous attention to the finer details.

Handcrafted. From start to finish.

Our artisans take care of every single detail - even the manila cord used in our woven selections is spun in-house, ensuring its quality and famous vibrancy.

Exclusively for you.

Each one of our items is handcrafted with purpose. It takes our artisans about X days to produce one item, a true artisanal craft.

Quality products.

Handcrafted from sustainably sourced raw materials. All of our furniture pieces are made from the wood grown in our reforestation projects and manila spun in-house, ensuring the best quality and durability of our pieces.

Keepers of tradition.

At Masaya Co, we are true defenders of traditional professions involving skill and knowhow. The methods used to create our products are inspired on ancient weaving and woodworking techniques, resulting in our one-of-a-kind pieces.