A story in the making

We are the makers. The artisans. We are a common goal.
Meticulous in our craft and relentless about sustainability.

How we came to be

It all started as a reforestation project.

Meet Aram Terry. After finishing his Peace Corps assignment in Nicaragua and seeing the negative impact of abusive forestry practices, Aram knew he wanted to create a socially and environmentally sustainable business. So, he, along with Michael Terry, founded Maderas Sostenibles.


The founding of our facility in Managua.

After several years of establishing tree farms on deforested cow pastures, Maderas Sostenibles founded a production facility in Managua to fabricate furniture and wood products that continuously capture carbon in our everyday lives through furniture. 


Masaya Co was born.

In 2014, Aram partnered with Justin Terry, an American artist, and Abril Zepeda, a Nicaraguan designer, to bring an elevated uniqueness to the furniture he had begun to produce. Inspired by the artisanal nature of Masaya and the rich culture and nature found in Nicaragua, Masaya Co was born. 

Different for the right reason.

Becoming an aware and responsible alternative to mass-produced goods.

Handcrafted for you

A personal touch.

Each one of our products is handcrafted by local artisans, using sustainably sourced materials. We're all about making a change, one product at a time.

Making a difference

Seed to Seat.

Our sustainable Seed to Seat model vertically integrates reforestation and sustainable forestry practices with our finished products. 

Agents of change

Meet our people

We work with amazing humans. A team of over 350 makers, working together to make a difference through our sustainable designs.